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Raro translated from Latin means something that rarely happens.

I’m a rarity.

The irAro brand was created to present you as an individuality. Because you are unique, and your garments should emphasize this. That is why we accent your natural personality.

irAro was founded in 2017 by a young Ukrainian designer Ira Romanenko. Oversized trouser suits are the hallmark of the brand's seasonal collections. They are designed to emphasize both the seductive femininity of irAro girls and their strength and self-confidence.

Today, the brand has chosen the direction of slow fashion. We have narrowed the range to basic items of clothing that take up a minimum amount of space not only in your wardrobe, but also in your suitcase. Instead, they guarantee you a variety of combinations and the highest quality. Your slow fashion garments from irAro: these are capsule comfortable clothes outside of fleeting trends, created from natural fabrics according to the best patterns. We focused on jackets - a win-win solution for your day at the office, and T-shirts for walks in the evening.

Clothes from irAro are clothes for an extraordinary girl. Like you. It will successfully emphasize your confident, even a little defiant sexuality and at the same time will help you feel comfortable in any conditions.

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