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Updated: Jun 10

Let's start this post on our blog with the basics, namely inspiration. We spoke with the designer of the brand about the new SUMMER'24 collection and what was the driving force behind choosing this name for this collection.

"Warmth, I believe in it. And every day I remind myself, as if on repeat, only pleasant moments, events that happened to me. I concentrate on them. I believe that the light that is in each of us can become a guide not only for yourself. I am sure that a woman can stay on the bright, warm side, no matter what the situation is. That is why the name of the collection is "the light inside you" and you will have enough of it even in the cold days "- shared Ira Romanenko.

The basis of the collection consists of suits: linen, namely trousers and a vest in a milky color and a white cotton doublet. A white but textured jacket with black buttons and bermuda shorts, which will be a good replacement for a classic look for a business meeting.

An interesting accent of the collection is a basque made of linen, black color. You can definitely wear it over any pants, shorts or skirt.

We couldn't help but take into account the trend of knitted dresses, the new melange dress in black and milk color is knitted from 100% cotton thread.

Cotton T-shirts in the new summer collection, and there are several of them, they are all different: with embroidery, with a round neck and oversized. Invariable is the dense fabric from which they are made.

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