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Fashion with meaning: irAro's collaboration with Hélène Litorelle

Fashion in the modern world involves not only style and self-expression, but also consciousness. This is manifested both in the choice in favor of quality garments items, and in the fact that the trends resonate with developments that change the world around us.

That is why irAro has created the collaboration with the accessories brand Hélène Litorelle, whose philosophy is to think about the global. The creator of the brand, the artist Hélène Litorelle, depicts world news on her products with the help of archetypal images of animals. Through symbolism, the designer pushes us to think about what is happening on the planet. As the result of the "conscious" collaboration, the slip dress and the trench coat from the designer Ira Romanenko appeared using fabric with the print of Hélène Litorelle. In this print our today's reality is “encrypted”, descended from the pages of «The New York Times», «The Times», «Le Monde».

So, the COVID-19 pandemic is symbolized by the fierce Tiger; in itself, this animal can mean both the triumph of Evil (death) and Good (life) – we just have to expect the outcome of the battle of mankind with the dangerous virus. The print also reflects the notorious world fires of recent years: the fire in the forests of Australia, which resulted in the picture as the national symbol of this country, the Kangaroo, and the fire in Notre Dame de Paris, indicated by the Lily flower – the symbol of Christianity and the Mother of God, spiritual purity and hope...

Political and economic developments did not go unnoticed in the collage: Brexit is personified by two Crows in flight, striving to clash with each other – two protesters with different aspirations. And stock quotes on the stock exchange appear in the image of a Crocodile: this animal has been considered a symbol of hypocrisy since the Middle Ages, as we know from the phraseological unit “crocodile tears”.

The result of the joint work of the brands irAro and Hélène Litorelle will become the pearl of the irAro girls' wardrobe. Because these girls with an active lifestyle keep their finger on the pulse not only of the life rhythm of the metropolis, but of the world as a whole.

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